Diet to Have a Baby Boy - What To Eat To Have A So

Science supports the idea that couples are likely to conceive a boy if fertilization of the egg occurs in an alkaline environment. An alkaline diet combined with proper timing of intercourse, position, and tightness of clothing will make it more likely that the couple conceives a son.

It is recommended to eat salty foods and soda. Carry a food selection chart with you when shopping, and buy those leafy green vegetables that encourage alkalinity.

Some advice may seem to be contradictory, but dig a little deeper to reveal the reasoning behind the information provided. Male sperm don't do well in heated environments, so you will often be told that the male should wear loose boxer shorts. No harm can come from wearing such clothing, and the diet you are on to conceive a boy also calls for you to refrain from hot spas or baths until after conception.

Could taking a dose of cough medicine before sex be a part of a diet to conceive a boy? Although it sounds ridiculous, research bears out the truth of the proposition. Cough medicines contain the ingredient guaifenesin, which it is claimed can help to thin mucus membranes in the cervix. Be sure to research and read about all advice before trying it, just to be on the safe side.

Although it sounds strange that the woman is advised to drink cough medicine and the man a strong cup of coffee just before sex, the boy sperm may be agitated to swim faster because of the caffeine. Doctors think these ideas are not so ridiculous, but warn that too much coffee can heat the liver. A diet to conceive a boy would have the male drink coffee just before sex but cut back on it the rest of the time.

When you are dieting to conceive a boy you can do so in conjunction with ovulation predictor kits that are now widely available. You can also get apps for your mobile phone that reminds you to record your temperature so that you begin to understand your own rhythms. The woman's mood will give you clues about when to have sex and this reinforces the idea that you can diet to conceive a boy in a variety of ways. Abstain from sex until the time is right and diet religiously so that the uterine environment reaches optimal conduciveness at ovulation.

Male sperm are the faster swimmers, but that they are likely die quickly, so you need to arrange matters to help them along. Be gentle, loving and supportive but use sexual positions that will allow deeper penetration, such as "standing sex," or with the woman on top. The deeper the penetration, the more likely it is that the sperm will be released closer to the uterus, and the male sperm will have a better chance of getting to the egg first.
Diet to Have a Baby Boy - What To Eat To Have A Son