Biggest Loser Diet Contest Craze

Many companies are not waiting until New Years Eve to make resolutions about their total health and wellness program and incorporating weight-loss competitions inspired by a popular TV shows such as The Biggest Loser. Corporations are investing big dollars by assisting workers who are concerned about their waistlines. Employers are viewing this as a win-win situation by creating an opportunity to improve employee health, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and lower health care costs.

From reading many testimonials employees have admitted that they were excited about the contest as they really didnt have the motivation and willpower necessary to lose weight on their own. Interestingly it seems the idea of a competition built a true camaraderie, team centered environment which kept the motivation and focus on their weight loss targets. Turns out some corporations are seeing extra benefits as it relates to the overall culture with enhanced teamwork and tenacity.

Apparently these contests have spurred the contestants to make radical changes to their eating and fitness habits which are even rubbing off on others. It appears, the most popular choice in the soda machine is sparkling water, and its common for people to use the stairs instead of elevators and walk or run around the building at lunch.

As a Human Resources Director, Certified Professional and leader of my companys health and wellness program this initiative sparked my interest not only from a corporate perspective but also a personal one. I too have tried many diets and weight loss programs in the past, trying to lose those pesky pounds but slowly the pounds crept back, so I would try another one and then I was back at square one again

It is very tempting to be one of many companies incorporating this great idea and host a fad diet competition by using the latest magazine article that promises the world with fantastic fat losses, just take a couple of fat burning pills follow the diet and then wow, a brand new body in a few weeks!

The sad fact is fat diets dont work long term, so what does this mean? What would happen to morale and productivity? I asked myself, would this potentially spoil the short term gain and have a damaging effect on the culture and morale for the employees long term?

This was a challenge for me and a great opportunity to find a total health and wellness program through nutrition and exercise and reap the rewards long term rather than just a quick fix. My company sponsors fitness and exercise through at our local gym so my research focused on uncovering a nutritional program that is safe and natural. After months of searching I was introduced to doctor recommended total health and wellness system that focuses on cleansing and fat burning by releasing impurities that are accumulated over time in our bodies that are often stored in fat cells. When cleansing these impurities are naturally released along with the fat cells and excess water and in turn safely lose weight. With this information I decided to give it a try first. I have to report that my results have been absolutely amazing; I have dropped over 22 pounds and 29 inches, safely and naturally and to my surprise I have kept it off. This system has changed my life in understanding the importance of looking after my internal body and the best thing is I feel fantastic.

I encourage companies and individuals like mine to take advantage of my research and be cautious about be involved or incorporating Biggest Loser type contests as a band-aid approach and seek long-term results.

Through my 17 years of experience in Human Resources my intent is to raise awareness that improves organizations competitiveness through people. I encourage you to visit or click on this link to view a short video to educate those considering nutritional cleansing for a healthy, leaner and more vibrant life style.

Biggest Loser Diet Contest Craze