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Readme excessive weight loss took my baby

happened, he did not point blame and complain, but let me take good care of doubly guilty.

close your eyes, heart pain, while the proliferation of more profound Baby, Mom how it carelessly lost you, you were me, how eagerly looking forward to it the whole family!

and nowadays all the beauty of women friends, before pregnancy, I feverishly indulge in a variety of fitness programs and Dieting way, in order to obtain a slim figure. daily overload of exercise and a diet similar to the harsh let me get it lost more than a dozen kg of fat. wear beautiful fashion, leaving her husband walking down the street, feeling good. then fine small size, not every woman can wear on the body, as to the hardships and hard to get the hunger movement, everything worth!

But when I was intoxicated after weight loss The joy, the body has undergone some bad situation. always predictable "old friend" became very scarce, and then later simply do not come, I feel the situation is not good, then to the hospital. After doing a B-and a variety of tests, the doctor pointed out to me: "You This is obviously due to the excessive weight loss caused by secondary amenorrhea, lower your test results indicate that the corpus luteum, low hemoglobin, if not treated, serious who will lead to infertility! "My silly, and her husband looked at each other, suck down a cold lump. want to know married for two years, to a cute baby, is the way we have been longing!

So we embark on the long road to medical treatment, looked to see Western medicine, Western medicine and eating a boil medicine. went to a lot of hospitals, doing a variety of consulting, most doctors have said that if the conditioning properly, there should not be any problems, and proper exercise has a positive effect on the body, but do not be too demanding daily diet menstruation own, so I did not completely stop the movement, eating just a little more than the original increase staple food, my husband advised me must be confident of their own, and Give me boil medicine every day from spring to winter, after one season, the situation has gradually improved, but the menstrual cycle is not accurate, sometimes thirty or forty days Im by your doctor, patient records temperature every day to do Until recently this time there are more than fifty days did not come, the body temperature above 36.8 ℃ have sustained more than 10 days, do not down ...... I think, a man secretly without telling her husband came to the hospital.

I clearly remember the day that pregnancy is a very sunny morning, I firmly hold the diagnostic results, excited tears wet eyelids. out of the hospital lobby, the whole world in my eyes are filled with color, slightly trembling hands I used to send a message to her husband: "My husband, I congratulate you, next years winter, you will become a father!" My husbands information and almost simultaneously to:! "Wife, youve worked hard, I would more to love you! "

next day is busy and joy, buy special milk for pregnant women, asking all kinds of folic acid and trace elements taking also subscribe to the" marriage and child rearing and health "magazine , referring to the issue, to accept both parents and friends to congratulate the sake of prudence, I went to the hospital for a thorough check-known habits of doctors holding my test results are not optimistic to me said:. "from now, you have to change the original lifestyle. enhance nutrition, reduce the exercise, some lower your luteal, hemoglobin is only 8.2, the situation is very bad in terms of pregnant women, especially in the first three months, must pay attention to rest! "

home, my husband asked me very seriously, daily meals must be eaten he developed recipes to reduce movement and stop dieting and I was very contradictory, long-term weight loss life so I know , people want fat easier, and subtract a pound of weight is so hard! thought to myself, maybe early pregnancy did not so serious as people say, maybe some exercise on the baby more helpful. holding such luck psychology, I secretly without the knowledge of her husband, the exercise has been adjusted slightly, the original 60 minutes a day to run, to a 30-minute morning and afternoon 30 minutes fast walking slow cycling,aveda botanical kinetics exfoliant in Health & Personal Care, still insist on eating less rice and more original vegetables, the amount has not increased much. so nearly two months, no problem, and I could not even morning sickness, morning sickness and the like are not tired, maybe this is what brings the benefits of sport! While I To do this secretly proud when, one day I suddenly found myself see red

my doctor injected progesterone let me repose, not without regret, she said to me:. "Your nutritional status and current physical condition is very bad, this long-term dieting have a great relationship with you, the first two months of embryonic implantation itself is unstable, but the need for adequate rest and nutrition. finally able to keep the fetus may continue size observed in blood flow. "the doctor said to me is like putting a hit, remorse No words can express the mood, I lay in bed not daring to move, a huge inner guilt and regret I almost swallowed the whole person,aveda botanical kinetics exfoliant in Health & Personal Care, and I can not imagine how to deal with this in the next few hours in the dark, stroking my belly and the baby is just over 50 days of dialogue:!! "Baby, do not leave Mom Mom was wrong, although we must change along only two months, but my mother loves you! "

next morning, blood flow makes me downright cool enough, hiding the bathroom, I like the Oath, no longer want to go out . lying on the operating table, heartbreak into a piece, he was cold in the body winch equipment, tearing pain but let me have a punishment own pleasure. surgery ended at that moment, I heard to the delivery room next door sounded crisp baby crying sound, my heart is one kind of sad feelings gentle touches, two lines of tears shed, smiling, as a new birth for the mother who happy!

moment came to understand "Xinrudaoge" the true meaning of tears the past few days have not done it, although all have been known to no avail, that a deep bone pain but not torture me all the time.

expert guidance not to plump skinny

now popular thin beauty, many women are very eager to make yourself like a star Zhao Wei as Shenqingruyan or convex like Christy is so, then you have to ! careful Oh Study: Excessive weight loss may make you "man" (pregnant) failed

Frisch, a professor of population science at Harvard University School of Public Health in Boston, the past 20 years she has been studying the human body. the relationship between fat and fertility in the "female fertility and the relationship between body fat," she says in a book written by: fat and is closely related to fertility, womens body fat will male hormones into estrogen, a name with good nutrition fat women should have 40%

insufficient if the female body fat, the body will gradually reduce the secretion of growth hormone, and ultimately "off" the bodys fertility;. too thin women will stop at first After ovulation, but continued to come, and then lean down will be completely menopause; such as reproductive system "off" for too long, soared pounds too late to remedy a result, normal women using non-normal hunger, weight loss will affect their fertility. severe reproductive function will alienate many skinny models completely sterile is the truth.

fact, if pregnant women are obese, proper exercise and diet is also possible, but not excessive attention to everything, Because the fetus in the mothers stomach is very nutritional needs, and any weight loss methods are likely to make nutritional loss, once the side effects on the fetus occurs, the consequences are difficult to predict,aveda botanical kinetics exfoliant in Health & Personal Care, according to the results of the National Research Center for Health Statistics of the United States for 1600 women showed that: prenatal weight of around 15 kg increments best weight gain of 12 to 15 kg to pregnant women, childbirth stillbirth rate was only 3.8% and less than 10 kg of weight gain in pregnant women, the stillbirth rate was 10.5% <. / P>

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