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Experts truth of menstrual diet

very popular "menstruation lose weight", many women who are eager to try this weight loss method. However, experts pointed out that the network popular menstrual diet has a lot of loopholes, so that Quebec can be effective slimming it together to hear the opinions of experts it.

physiology of weight loss programs are very popular both in four diet

physiological four diet, this diet is said to be the inventor of Australia is a well-known professor of specific methods are: the use of menstrual cycles will thin into four phases: 1, 1-7 days of menstruation is called downsizing and welfare of the whole body weight is the most important month, when the weight is generally 2-3 pounds more than usual. taking advantage of the relatively weak body, eat plenty of iron-containing foods, such as beef, high-calorie hot cocoa, chocolate, etc. Only this week, a month can eat these high-calorie stuff.

2, 1-7 days after menstruation, at this stage of speeding thin, easy to gain weight, eat calories if not quickly break down, it will be converted into fat accumulates in the body, so to minimize the high-calorie, high- fat food intake. eating less sugar, less starch, with regular exercise, can reduce 26% of the weight. jogging, swimming, cycling most likely to burn calories is the best exercise to lose weight.

3, 7-14 days after menstrual period fast weight-loss level is still favorable period of weight loss, although the effect may not be as obvious on the stage, but still get a good weight-loss results. Eat more high-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole wheat flour, brown rice, oats and other foods. adequate intake of high-fiber foods can promote hormone discharge, increased blood levels of magnesium.

4, 14-21 days after menstruation thin slow period, this catagen phase is slow weight loss the week before menstruation diet should be light, eat green leafy vegetables and fruits, digestible, nutritious;. more water to maintain smooth excretion, reduce pelvic congestion while eating meat, eggs, tofu. soy and other protein-rich foods to supplement the loss of menstrual nutrients, minerals

Comments: program too troublesome effects unknown

Some experts think that this program has a scientific basis, But most people can not stand too much trouble, easy to collapse, but is only suitable for regular menstrual cycles of female friends. to the first 14 days or so, when ready to ovulate,botanical slimming 650mg, due to hormonal changes in the body, the body will be stranded in the water, weight gain 1-3 kg, this time see the effect of weight loss, there is no need to prematurely excited, because there is likely to lose water rather than fat. Why? 14th day of ovulation, as estrogen into luteal phase progesterone secretion, causing water retention, resulting in edema So during this period menstrual period, some people gain weight, increase by about 1-3 kg after the end of the menstrual period, which is the period when the so-called accelerated weight loss, subtract 1-3 pounds, is likely to reduce the water instead of fat! experts said, is aging fat weight reduction,botanical slimming 650mg, to reduce fat, eat less hyperactivity is the best policy.

7-day cycle diet to lose weight

1 week after menstruation, mood more stable, faster and Metabolism. adjust your diet during the week, effective weight loss, weight loss compared to a one-month period, this weight loss method is more affected by MM are welcome.

< P> The first day started downsizing to adjust the staple food, there is one day to break normal eating two meals, just a simple adjustment staple payable decreased by approximately 1 kg of body weight if one day did not achieve the desired effect, then continue 2-3 days. The next day after adjusting the staple food, the amount of weight before breakfast, if weight loss 1 kg,botanical slimming 650mg, the timing of gymnastics for about ten minutes as soon as possible after the end of the day from breakfast to start gymnastics can resume normal diet the first three days -. Article 4 days may temporarily sudden increase in weight, but the usual three meals a day to keep the amount of the first five days, even eating the same as usual, but still reduce weight on day 6 -. 7 days if the reduction of 1 kg, then start adjusting again be the staple food Slimming If the first six days -. day 7 weight began to decline in the past have slim weight back when, the day adjusting weight-loss success staple again, so the challenge minus 1 kg to 7 days for a period of one. May 3 cycles

Comments: easy rebound

experts believe, in fact, no different in this way and dieting to lose weight, just playing a gimmick physiology of the easiest this way. rebound, and repeatedly also affect the endocrine, or even lead to menstrual disorders.

menstrual cramps is not greedy to lose weight

experts study found that women in the menstrual period, when approaching appetite will increase, "20% -25%." Many women will feel that way, "good friend" to come a few days, always particularly want to eat sweets, appetite, mood irritability, and hormone secretion of these relationship. eating sweets to appease a certain extent irritable mood. some women as an excuse to forget about the weight loss slogans, bingeing etc. After menstruation, found that weight really adds so menstruation manage the mouth, balanced diet is actually lose weight. cramps week before the diet should be light, easily digestible, nutritious, increasing green leafy vegetables, fruits, but also the water to keep the stool, reduce pelvic congestion. menstrual 1-3 days do some more gentle stretching exercise, such as yoga meditation-type primary form of gymnastics, or just some simple stretches. these light exercise can help the body to smooth blood circulation, relieve stress. particular note is that we must avoid abdominal pressure, avoid lifting the leg bit too high. If you feel tired or found any bleeding or a sudden increase in violence reduction, the need to immediately stop the movement. menstrual 4-5 days, the body began to recover, then you can start slowly . walking, jogging and other aerobic exercise

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