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Of summer ice cold drinks to lose weight more calories rankings

To say that the summers most popular food, than the kinds of "cold" food. Kinds of ice cream, beverages, desserts, are one of the most favorite thing, however, in the enjoyment of the "way cool in the end, "the remainder of cool, but you are also taking note of these" Ice cool "foods harmful to human impact how

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usually drink sugary drinks, like wine tasting as it is impossible to kick the tires, so always drink a lot of Heat! beverages sold now, the majority of existing nutrition labeling for reference, so choose, be sure to take a look, otherwise they may not want to drink a lot of heat. Finally, we take a look at the cold ice cream thermal analysis.

when drinking juice,botanical slimming capsule in target all departments, not to be "natural" word cheated, though 100% pure natural fruit juice drinks just do not like the general had plenty of heat, but the heat is quite high. every 100cc juice containing 50-65 calories, if calculated in 250cc, is 125-162 calories (half a bowl of rice = 140 calories), the heat is very high.

beer, many people in the summer heat in the favorite drink, especially during a meal, drink a large glass of cold beer, I am really Delightful! However, this commonly known as "liquid bread" of alcoholic beverages, but a great "meaning" Oh! 100cc each containing 50 calories, if to 600cc (glass bottles) to calculate the heat already Also more than a bowl of rice!

addition to drinks, ice cream is also the highlight of the summer. an ordinary ice cream, but at least there are 80 calories, if coupled with chocolate and peanuts, the heat had jumped to 256 kcal, a bowl of rice has only 270 calories! So, do not order a brief cool, in exchange for future weight loss pain.

In fact, if produce their own ice cream, you can control the heat fairly low, such as smoothies, consider using a high moisture content of the fruit, such as watermelon catty (skin weight), only about 60 calories heat, others such as cantaloupe, papaya, apples are the fruit can be considered, but also can add some milk, calcium and protein intake increased, if the use of sugar substitutes, you can reduce a lot of the heat.

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