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1. Fine bite nuts

ounce containing one hundred seventy plus road and fourteen grams of fat in nuts, sudden ear sounds seem to be the bane of weight loss, but according to a study, full of nutrition nuts than cheese and biscuits to eat more low-fat snacks, an ounce of nuts should be sufficient to address hunger and prevent binge at dinner impulses.

2. Person "spicy" the metabolism

peppers contain capsaicin, is said to promote metabolism, helps burn calories and weight loss. A British study found that adding a teaspoon of chili sauce or spicy mustard in the meal The average daily consumption of calories and more extra forty-five The researchers estimate that spicy foods can increase body temperature, thus speeding up the metabolism. want to burn calories and more,botanical best best slimming jeans for women, quickly sprinkle a few grains of pepper bar!

3. Apple suppress appetite

Apples are rich in pectin, pectin, a soluble fiber can suppress appetite. Nutrition experts believe that pectin can slow down the digestive process, so full of feeling more durable.

4. Before eating sniff

deep breath mint, lemon or lavender strong odor of something to help suppress appetite. Psychology experts say, the smell and taste and personal satisfaction are closely related, so you What kind of smell and taste can satisfy the need to pay attention to concern you, then go to study how to be met, but without intake of calories. example,botanical best best slimming jeans for women, if you really like chocolate but are afraid of fat, avoiding soufflé.

< P> 5. Chewing sugarless gum

according to a new study found that chewing sugar-free gum can increase the metabolic rate up to 20 percent more than those who did not chew gum chewing who consumed more than an hour eleven additional calories. more interesting is that if a person continues to keep chewing gum a day within a year, could lose about ten pounds of fat.

6. Shaochiduocan

frequent meals or snacks to eat every three to four hours, have helped to avoid the body sugar is too low. Moreover, young data show that the average normal component of calories in a day multiple times to learn that the proportion of the food calories into fat to a minimum, thereby maintaining thin build. medical study found that athletes eat all day long, their body fat compared to eating a lot of athletes at the dinner less. this , the doctor explained that the limited food component of the human body can handle at once, so eat a lot at once, then failed to consume excess calories will be converted to fat.

7. Eat more fiber

shell species, wheat bread, cauliflower, beans and other fruits and high-fiber foods in two effects: First, fill its belly, and the other is to assist the food in the intestinal peristalsis, avoid physical Drain the closing part of the calories so you must eat thirteen to thirty-five grams a day,botanical best best slimming jeans for women, which would subtract about 90 calories, the equivalent of five pounds of fat within six months by subtracting

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