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Experts interpret seven kinds of weight loss is healthy and effective remedies

Just Guowanchunjie of the United States,botanical slimming $5 tide coupons 2013, such as life addicted to MM, who can not be overlooked much fat. Nowadays, more and more weight loss remedies widely circulated on the Internet, raw peppers weight loss methods, three meals a day eating apples and yogurt methods, which are amazing weird or listening to some beautiful sister willing to try these methods are not effective in the end, it is not a healthy way to lose weight? today we let our experts announced one by one. < / P>

trick: eat popcorn popcorn weight-loss method breakfast lunch and drink enough water this way, popcorn bubble big belly, like eating the same feeling very full so a month. .. so, to lose weight about 3 kg

Interpretation: eat popcorn method is not eating, causing nutritional imbalance, the body abnormal situation

Interpretation: Pepper Although can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, but its strong irritant, raw stomach certainly can not stand, can cause vomiting, dizziness

three tricks: Use barley flour plus a teaspoon in about 1000 ml of water, while drinking drink. MM are on the network is highly recommended that this approach is not only good for the skin, and even has a magical effect on weight loss, the disadvantage is somewhat less taste, but for what is not beautiful You can do

Interpretation:? It is the use of barley has a diuretic effect, can detoxify the body and reduce swelling, can make people of color looks better

four tricks: Tea Rose candied candied 5, a handful of pink roses to prepare candied 500-600 milliliters of water with pink roses are in it. placed on the fire can be heated to a rolling flame. making this simple "Rose candied tea "is very popular in MM

interpretation: this teas main function is to help defecation, but the side effect is more obvious, if prolonged drinking habits may cause diarrhea, watery diarrhea, damage to the body Health

tricks 5: yogurt to eat three meals a day apple diet apple and yogurt, three days down the weight reduction of at least 5 pounds

Interpretation: eat apple yogurt, but do not eat Other things can cause malnutrition, damage to the digestive system

six tricks: a day to drink as much water, at least 8 cups a day, 500 ml of water per cup is said that these can magically put you "hold. "Get up and help you reduce hunger,botanical slimming $5 tide coupons 2013, wash away excess body fat, keep the metabolism working properly, it will make your skin look can squeeze water

Interpretation: drink plenty of water every day to help At promote intestinal peristalsis, people be intended to help the large intestine to a clean, help with weight loss

seven tricks: There is a so-called "egg" plaque assay, sounds more magical is to use warm water. The facial wash, dry, hot cooked peeled eggs, rolling in the face with warm eggs. Finally, eggs are cold towel after massage surface covered a few minutes, so you can shrink facial pores .

interpretation: no harm to the skin, because the protein without stimulation for facial blood circulation is not good people, can play the role of massage particularly sensitive skin allergies in this way is not easy . easy face-lift.

As strange way to lose weight on the network, most doctors do not agree to this, if the peppers directly on the skin, the skin will be sensitive constitution redness, blisters, severe trigger irritant dermatitis. Experts say that the most scientific way to lose weight or exercise plus a reasonable diet, a persons standard weight = [height (cm) -100] × 0.9 (current weight at plus or minus 2 standard weight. . the 5 kg are considered normal)

(internship Editor: Yi Mei Hua)

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