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Body: Woman day to eat three dates eternal youth

Jujube, also known dates, dates. Since ancient times has been listed as one of "five fruits", is the tradition of our people eat fruit, to have the reputation of "woody food," said. Jujube in China has . cultivation history of over 3,000 years

in Song Guangxian book "Bei", a book containing a story: a long time ago, Qi County in Henan a small village, there is a fifty years old maid named Qing Gu , but still looks slim, "as at the child".

reason is that she usually eat a local production of seedless dates This date particularly rich in nutrients, but also looks flesh thin, fine quality sweet. shows extraordinary efficacy dates, so people have "day three dates, not the old generation," said.

< P> According to modern scientific analysis, jujube rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, organic acids, carotene, vitamins, some minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron,meizitang botanical slimming gel caps, etc. Fresh meat contains vitamin 300-600 mg per 100 g, about 15 times higher than Apple, which has a "fresh vitamin pill" nickname. Fresh meat, sugar amounted to 23%, the sugar content of the meat is dried dates up to 70%, which contain more than raw sugar cane, sugar beet sugar is higher.

jujube or blindly healing medicine, Chinese medicine, it is sweet, flat, non-toxic. Rupi, stomach two classics. has Bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourishing the nerves, adjusting business health, Health and body fluid, antidote to poison and other effects can be used for weak stomach, loss of appetite, loose stool, fatigue, weakness,meizitang botanical slimming gel caps, lack of blood, body fluid loss, Ying and Wei, palpitations, insomnia etc. Modern also used to treat allergic purpura date, chronic bronchitis, anemia, hypertension, embolism addition, jujube and some drugs, food combination, the remarkable effectiveness of the treatment is therapeutic side, are briefly described as follows: < / P>

1, porridge jujube: jujube, after panning a clean wok, add water, cook until cooked into a thick porridge, add sugar and stir the porridge eaten with deficiency, nourishing the nerves. of power, suitable for the spleen and stomach, the gas shortage of fatigue, eat less diarrhea, anemia dirty dry, mental anxiety by eating

2, jujube Guilian porridge: Wash the Amoy glutinous rice, jujube, lotus seeds with wok, add water, first boil water with Wang, sub-simmer cooked, add dried longan meat and cook until thick, when the amount of crystal sugar, then Shaozhu while you can eat. This side has Health and body fluid, nourishing sedative effect for Heart and two losses, lack of blood, loss of appetite, weakness, insomnia embolism, and impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation embolism have a good effect.

3, jujube ear Qi soup: astragalus, peony pounded thick end into a bag, black fungus bubble hair washed with water, jujube also washed with Irazu with wok,meizitang botanical slimming gel caps, add water boiling for 20 minutes go Irazu, add sugar to taste, divided into 3 doses, and even served a few days this side has blood and Qi, YangYinShengJin efficacy for qi weakness, night sweats, spontaneous perspiration, upset, insomnia, neurasthenia, anemia embolism .

4, jujube rabbit stew: the rabbit pieces, add wine, salt pickled 20 minutes jujube put pot, put on a rabbit, add ginger, green onions and other spices and water little, adorned with edible stew Shulan fill in this side there is Yin, Qi and spleen, nourishing the blood, skin care and beauty function

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