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Follow leggy legs of female models learning path
Legs of women not only feel pleasure, and gave people the womens health, good growing conditions, such as strong impression fertility seems men prefer long-legged beauty is not without reason,botanical slimming capsule reviews, then what kind of legs it has attracted the most power? researchers findings,botanical slimming capsule reviews, the average length of the legs more than 5% -10% of women most attractive. To meet this standard in the country, and it must have an average length of more than 60% of the slender legs got. < P>

Jiang Yi leg 111cm 178cm tall proportions: 62%

has 111 cm long legs, was born in Jiangsu Jiang Yi is now Taiwans popular girls,botanical slimming capsule reviews, because the star God valued her unique temperament, invited her to join his ad, after emerging, Jiang Yi on the full swing of her modeling career, she has successfully break through the new people will not have legs 111cm credit?

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Jiang Yi said he never wanted to become a supermodel, nor to marry a rich man, but do not love the brand and jewelry, just want something to eat, have a place to live, that is so simple, but life can not be perfect, even if you want to find the right pair of jeans strip for CoCo is also difficult. certain denim brand admired her legs, she was invited to the opening of the concept store guests, and she said that he The 111 cm long legs often can not find suitable size womens jeans, even if you encounter fitting jeans will hurry to buy two, or kill the mens department to find the right size, leg length to such a degree, but also enough . enviable

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