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Reduced fat overcome five errors

Myth: thin = beautiful

can be identified, said: weight loss does not equal beauty

Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of girls to understand this deviation that body. You can not have a little bit of fat, so called beautiful if that is the case, I advise these girls to live in Africa and Ethiopia for three months, will be able to achieve the desired effect,meizitang botanical slimming heaven and hell, they do not desperately diet at home,meizitang botanical slimming heaven and hell, but not hungry to dizziness way to get in shape.

If biological knowledge, then you should know that all of the ingredients and their proportions of the human body is a miracle allocation of nature. fats naturally has its irreplaceable role. Moreover, with fat pad, the skin will look more smooth and elastic, which is why skinny would look so pitiful. Not only that, for girls, to reflect the charm of the place of women, without exception, will require substantial of fat Otherwise, who would not recognize a campaign planks will look good

So, to lose weight do not hate all reduced fat

Myth: large doses sports


large load intensity exercise is also a "movement" of the term, but it is not a good way to lose weight

exercise to lose weight is to have their requirements: low intensity, long after exercise can still breathe ease, laughing, fatigue recovery job quickly, while some people are eager to lose weight, one can not wait to run one hundred meters speed ran several kilometers, no shock is very lucky. fat burning takes time, large doses do not provide a good sport The consumption of fat condition, only make muscle thickening, cardiac overload, prolonged discomfort. did not exercise prescription for the general population, and likely to injure yourself more harm than good.

Mistakes Three: weight loss drugs

weight loss drugs

current market does not have eight hundred thousand, but it was not really effective in several

weight loss drugs is nothing more than the following: < / P>

1, suppress appetite - side effects: malnutrition, Shang Wei, will rebound and may gluttony;

2, fiber intake satiety - side effects: the need for long-term use , the effect has not been proven;

3, prevent fat intake - side effects: bad that he was not even inside the bodys absorption of nutrients will affect, what do not come

and. weight loss drugs, without exception, will result in the buyers wallet "mortal threat." if not so effective, it can be imagined how suffocating the buyer. most importantly, I still have not heard a valid The

Myth: Pure Diet

Needless to say, the modern diet does not play a role clearly lose weight, but also counterproductive

since. The need for food is to the body with neuromodulation through basal metabolism to achieve if the reduction in calorie intake too much, reduce the basal metabolism will protect nature, the energy outlay will be reduced, and have actually no use.

And when the stomach does not contain enough food, or the contents of the density change much, the stomach will have a corresponding reflex activity. either hunger or cramps, or nausea, which is to say, the stomach is healthy condition, then, naturally sick.

dieting there will be other side effects, such as bulimia, anorexia for example, which is more serious, absolutely nowhere.

Myth: rapid weight loss

to check out the table of food and energy consumption calorimeter can know, rapid weight loss is a fantasy that is not possible, or that can be hungry last week, only to lose weight fast rapid coma.

weight loss is really a long-term task of the storm area, for this task,meizitang botanical slimming heaven and hell, the most effective way is to relax mind, step by step, rest, exercise and diet, sports nutrition with the use of auxiliary ., in addition, I can not think of any other good way

(internship Editor: Liang Yalin)

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