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20 minutes the quick movement of body weight

dumbbell exercises: the most quick body movement

Joan is a leader in Florida Bai Ka La Dayton Di optimal performance system, we asked him to design a dumbbell exercise program can do this is The fastest body movement, which uses five movements, two reversing exercises that arm rowing and push-ups, and the other three are compound movements, including twenty-three power movement.

this Exercise can exercise the power of a multi-block muscle through these complex exercise,stores in houston tx that sell meizitang botanical slimming pills, you do some sports back to back with no rest between the groups just like this can help you save time and you can burn more calories because you When exercising your muscles and heart stronger.

dumbbells may be more time-saving and more effective than weight lifting machines. requires no standing movement to use your abdominal and lower back muscles to maintain stabilize your body, so you get in return.

what equipment you need?

you need a 5-15 lbs dumbbells. every sport have chosen an appropriate weight, This weight can make you feel a bit hard, but it can be completed in the correct posture all the action through complex exercise, your movement muscle group more than once, so you may need to use a weight lighter than usual to complete all sports .

other words, you may generally use two 15-pound dumbbells to do squat on, but with a double biceps, you can only lift 10 pounds, so youll want to use 10 case

without preparing activities: from pounds to do squat, when the bottom line, you can exercise your weakest muscle

need to avoid mistakes. (preparatory activities, including strength, flexibility, balance and sensitivity training), not on the tennis court, skating rink, soccer field or basketball court to play. doing exercise is a good way to keep the body agile, but you avoid injury.

done every 2-3 minutes to warm up before the movement: walking, jumping, high leg lift, using your own choice of cardio training machines or other equipment after each exercise, muscle tremors you more than others. Block

dumbbell exercise

1, squat, bend, under pressure

action to resolve: holding dumbbells, standing feet apart, stand up straight, arms drooping naturally, palm relative, abdomen, balance heel support the weight of the body, my eyes squat, lower the body until your thighs parallel to the floor.

even legs, elbow and shoulder flush , toggle the dumbbells over the shoulder .. even arms, the dumbbell over your head, turn the arm so that the palm relative. kept drooping shoulders and shoulder blades harmony (Figure c). return to the starting position.

Exercise areas: strengthening the hips, thighs, quadriceps, biceps, shoulders and back halves

2, lunge variations and lateral raise

action to resolve : If the action of a standing start action, a big step forward right foot, right knee bent; right knee and right ankle in a line; left knee bent, lift the heel bend, arms forward so dumbbell. .. on both sides of the right foot

straight body, the dumbbell back sides, a top rear, front foot straight back after the initial upright body posture, make a lateral move; elevation double elbow and wrist slightly bent down arms and return to the original position and repeat full action, this time it took your left foot

key points; arm and shoulder one level: exercise quadriceps.. the middle part of the large tendon, hips, calves and shoulders; in the back and abdominal muscles to maintain balance

3, full of fight in one fell swoop

action to resolve: standing, double. feet apart, legs straight (do not bend), the dumbbell on the front of the thigh, palm inward. spine to maintain a balance, make a hard move, bend forward from the hips place until you feel your big hamstring stretch opened.

then slightly bend your knees, try to close the scapula,stores in houston tx that sell meizitang botanical slimming pills, the arm extended outward, elbows slightly bent, keeping an upright posture to fly, and then the weight concentrated in the thigh. tighten your buttocks and return to the initial attitude

Exercise areas: the main ligaments thighs, buttocks, shoulders and upper back after half

4, lunge arm movement


action to resolve: the right hand holding a dumbbell, standing, feet apart, left foot before the right foot, left leg bent feet 2 feet apart, and the left arm on the left leg; began to lean forward from the hips. until the upper half of the body at a 45 degree angle with the ground (if necessary, leaning on a chair).

right arm drooping naturally, with the right shoulder in a line, palm inward. Head , neck, spine and hip line as far as possible to keep the scapula near; then shrink back muscles, right arm bent, moving up and down and even arm, left arm do the same to complete a

Exercise areas.: The main exercise the back middle of the shoulder, and some biceps

5, dumbbell push-ups

action to resolve: kneeling on a mat, holding dumbbells on the floor. hands apart than shoulder width, palms bent arm toward the floor, the body down until your forearm and upper arm at a 90 degree angle to prop up the body, back to the initial attitude

Exercise areas: Workout Chest , and three pairs of front hip muscles.

way of thinking in order to pro athletes never consider when they go to playgrounds, to prevent other activities occupy your exercise time.

Choose a trusted partner sport when you meet a friend, its hard to brag about your exercise program. Additionally, gay friendship and competition can be a sport more interesting ......

dumbbell weight loss diet Recommended

weight loss due to diet is relatively simple, so particular attention to vitamin supplements. Additionally, drinking, drinking coffee and drinks should all quit. and keep good habits early hours (around 22:30 sleep 6:00 in the morning to get up)

breakfast: French bread (long loaf 1/3), 1 cup milk, white soft-boiled eggs, vegetable soup (tomato, celery, mushrooms, ginger), fruits 1 to 2, vitamin a

lunch: French bread (long loaf 1/3), 1 cup milk, white soft-boiled eggs, fruit 1 to 2

Dinner: French bread (long loaf 1/3), 1 cup milk, white soft-boiled eggs, vegetable soup (tomato, celery, lettuce, ginger), fruits, 1 to 2, vitamin a

. If you feel muscle before

sleep hungry, you can drink sugar-free yogurt .......

Do not look for excuses for their laziness,stores in houston tx that sell meizitang botanical slimming pills, moving up! through dumbbell fitness to exercise your muscles to keep your body stability and build a better, lets you easily come to the ranks of the slim beauty of

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