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10 simple ways to lose weight

1, for certain foods to be tasted

weight-loss experts say that if you can not stand the temptation of some foods and drinks to lose weight disadvantage, but also be tasted, not lust.

not drink more than one drink each, each no more than one cup of orange juice, hamburger each no more than three of the amount so long as able to do more than any one, will be less about a daily intake calories 100 kcal. one year, will be able to gain weight 2 pounds less about.

2, fasting for a walk

study found that a walk before meals can make the body burn more much heat, and can suppress appetite. walk for 20 minutes before a meal can reduce appetite,botanical botanical slimming capsule natural herbal, enhance satiety, the effect is almost eat a small meal.

3, the high-calorie foods as an embellishment

high-calorie foods for weight loss is not restricted, as long as eat clever, still be able to eat both comfortable and healthy,botanical botanical slimming capsule natural herbal, for example, you can put a tablespoon of butter in a fruit ice cream dotted top, just as is dotted with the crown jewels in general. Similarly, when tasting cheese, again with a big green salad.

4, Shaoshiduocan

a study in South Africa found that the breakfast into Ms. aliquots then interval style of eating, when compared with weekdays will eat breakfast meal, lunch calorie intake reduced by 30%.

some other studies also show that the one Day meals evenly divided into several small meals Dayton users, their insulin secretion will be reduced, not only to stabilize the blood sugar, but also helps suppress hunger.

5, reducing eating out times

Generally, when you go out to eat, we tend to eat more at home than, and a large intake of high-fat and are more high-calorie food, which is extremely detrimental for weight loss fat loss so at the same time pay attention to exercise and diet, but also to reduce the number of opportunities to go out to socialize.

6, do not forget to water

breakfast when you can drink orange juice, but after breakfast, do not drink orange juice, while the water should be based. If you often drink orange juice, will be more than the average daily intake of 245 kcal, a year down about 9 kcal, which is equivalent to an increase of 25 pounds! study shows juice contains not only calories, but also does not engender a sense of satiety, weight loss is very unfavorable.

7, walking 45 minutes a day

reason we let you walk 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes on the grounds that although the 30-minute walk every day can prevent actors gain weight, but only over 30 minutes of exercise to be able to get the effect of lipid-lowering diet.

In addition, on a daily basis 45 minutes of walking, but also consume 300 kcal calories, this value can make your premise without changing eating habits, within a year it decreased by 30 pounds.

8, the use of color to lose weight

you noticed, not many fast food restaurants are decorated in blue color because blue has appetite suppressant, so in order to lose weight, do not ignore the role of color .

during meals, clothes to wear special blue and filled with a blue dish meals, and with a blue tablecloth. Additionally, in the dining environment, try to avoid using red, yellow and orange, as these colors to enhance the role of appetite.

9, use chores to fitness

fitness not necessarily go to the gym is not available. around us, there are many fitness " equipment, "such as mops, rags, laundry tub,botanical botanical slimming capsule natural herbal, if you can often pick up a mop to wipe, wipe with a rag instead of doors or hand washing machine clothes are beneficial for weight-loss diet.

< p> 10, the closet "fat" clothes were all clear

a reach their goal weight, it is necessary to those previously closet wearing "mast." clothes away or to someone else. Additionally, a thought if you do not keep the weight off, it is necessary to re-buy clothes, will strongly stimulate your body will now be maintained determination.