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Wenjun poetic Yoga

4 years ago, she was an ordinary yoga student, after a hard training coupled with good natural conditions, now is the occupation and Jia teacher. Daughter four years old, was born the daughter met her yoga and her yoga asanas, teaching style, like her character, flexible band.

Wenjun first contact with yoga, because the birth of daughter sparkling. going to the gym, accidentally discovered yoga, a trained for four years, she said, her life from age 30 onwards.

fell in love with yoga,meizitang botanical slimming facts, because the inner world of yoga allows Wenjun undergone tremendous change life before the age of 30, although rich, too happy, but it does not seem to belong to his heart; Only yoga, let Wenjun find themselves with a stretch personalized space


for yoga, Wenjun said that like it, but do not deliberately so-called career planning, just trying to do a better job from the initial contact, to adhere to four years; from an ordinary student, to dedicated teacher, Wenjun feelings should not be like yoga can be summarized in two words.

Wenjun daughter called sparkling, 4 years old. long hair, unsolicited volumes. eyes mouth like Wenjun most like to go to the beach, but also places his childhood had been to have a particularly deep impression. easygoing, You good, good dance, music, have a good artistic talent.

every night before going to sleep, will haunt sparkling Wenjun tell her story. obviously have some stories will be back, but will clamor to let Wenjun told her, not have to be a two, who obediently before they agree to go. sparkling in the eyes of my mother, of course, is beautiful,meizitang botanical slimming facts, love her - speech, Wenjun confidence sweeping

Wenjun friends like mother-daughter relationship style, but also believe the Buddhist say, children are born. In your own home is a fate. As a mother, Wenjun said hell conscientious raising her daughter, but her daughter is also an independent person, after all,meizitang botanical slimming facts, have to leave their day.

this Like someone said, parents love their children, as if the poets love for the work: as creative as their devoted efforts in their children, the children as work; Even the goods, once published, it has received an independent life, not the author can domination.

So Wenjun just hope their children will become a happy, confident person, like his life is being run, but will not seek any kind of return.

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