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Eight recipes hand to help lose weight

Constipation how to do? How to treat constipation? With the strong pace of life, work pressure, there are many offices crush constipation plagued many crush will take medicine to solve this problem, in fact,botanical slimming in west covina, the diet can be life solve this little problem in this issue, we recommend small series of eight recipes, so that we easily solve constipation problems

cabbage mixed with sesame material: cabbage (250 g), sesame (10 g), Mustard (2 g), soy sauce (25 grams), sesame oil (5 g), salt (1 g) of cooking methods: 1 whichever tender cabbage cabbage washed, soaked in cold water for a while and then remove,botanical slimming in west covina, dry control Moisture first cut into segments 4.5 cm long, vertical strips then transfer to a plate .2 the mustard with water into a paste buckle cover stew while .3 above doused in sesame cabbage, salt, mustard good tune, soy sauce, sesame oil, mix well and function: eat cabbage, but also the prevention and treatment of constipation, hemorrhoids and colon cancer prevention, it is mixed with sesame cabbage constipation conditioning flavored moss material: cabbage sprouts (1000 g),botanical slimming in west covina, mushrooms (fresh) (50 g), Pickle (25 g), ginger (25 g), salt (50 g), sugar (13 g), bean paste (30 g), wine (10 g), peanut ( 125 g), starch (pea) (5 g), vinegar (10 grams), MSG (3 g) of cooking: a moss put off the old leaves, cut into 4 cm long segment pickled pepper, water, mushrooms are. shredded Take a small bowl into the cooking wine, sugar, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, wet starch into the sauce .2. wok oil, 50 grams Jiucheng burn hot, put salt, stir-fry eighty-nine put moss mature, that pour into a colander and drain. wok oil 75 grams, burn to heat, add bean paste, hot chili, ginger flavor Stir, put moss, pour the sauce stir fry a few, pot plate Serve effect: Mushrooms also contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, promote metabolism and improve the bodys resilience plays a significant role; mushrooms but also for diabetes, tuberculosis, infectious hepatitis, neuritis from the treatment, and. can be used for indigestion, constipation, etc.

vinegar radish vegetable materials: white radish (250 g), vinegar (30 g), pepper (1 gram) salt (2 g), sesame oil (1 g) Cooking Method: 1 Wash the carrots, cut into small slices 2 put pepper, a little salt, add rice vinegar to four hours; 3 pour sesame oil when eating efficacy: The white radish is rich in dimension A, vitamin C , amylase, oxidase, manganese and other elements. Additionally, glucoamylase contained elements that can break down other food carcinogenic nitrosamines, which play a role in cancer, which is rich in cellulose, to solve the problem of constipation also play a role

walnut mud material: Walnut (250 g), water chestnuts (20 g), dates (20 g), egg yolk (50 g), egg (50 grams), sugar (20 gram), starch (corn) (50 g), salad oil (50 g) of cooking: After a walnut open blisters peeled, chopped fine .2 water chestnuts (peeled), candied chopped into small particles. , add sugar, egg yolks, corn flour, walnuts end, 100 ml of water, slurried; egg and stir into egg foam .3 pan over the fire, in salad oil heated to 60% lower slurry. quickly stir fry until the moisture dry, pale, when the disc is loaded spit oil pot, covered with egg foam Serve effect: walnut sweet, warm, can be solid kidney essence, warm Dingchuan lungs, intestines through will

bamboo shoots braised lentils material: bamboo shoots (500 g), lentils (250 grams), salt (4 g), white sugar (5 grams), wine (10 g), salad oil (50 g .), starch (pea) (5 g) of cooking methods: 1 bamboo shoots, peeled, cut into three pieces prism into boiling water boiled; lentils torn off the old bars, washed into the hot oil slightly float , remove and drain;. starch, add water and mix thoroughly into the wet starch, about 10 grams spare pot rack .2 fire, put the oil pan, pour 250 ml bean sprouts soup, add salt, sugar, rice wine, add bamboo shoots and lentils, roast for about 5 minutes, with wet starch thicken Serve effect: bamboo shoots can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, it can prevent constipation and colon cancer

pork pumpkin clip material. : pumpkin (200 g), pork (lean) (80 g), garlic (10 g), salt (3 g), white sugar (5 grams), soy sauce (5 g), fine (1 g), starch (pea .) (15 g), vegetable oil (60 g) of cooking: a mountain of pork meat alternate; garlic mashed Velvet spare; pumpkin peel to the flesh, cut into 4 cm wide and 3 cm of the hinge piece, Embed pig meat, the emission dish, steam cooked, steamed juice stand decanting .2 next pot roast vegetable oil, saute garlic, juice injected steam boil Sprinkle the salt, sugar, soy sauce, chicken flavoring, etc. with starch thicken, pour in the melon above Serve effect: inside the pumpkin pectin can delay intestinal absorption of glucose and lipid

Kwai Caigeng materials: cold winter vegetables (300 grams), starch (pea) (50 g), salt (1 g), monosodium glutamate (1 g) of cooking: 1 to sunflower leaves washed, boiled; 2 Add a small amount of starch to make soup; 3 other with salt, MSG seasoning. Serve effect: peas also contain relatively rich in dietary fiber, can promote bowel movements, will be able to maintain a large smooth, play clean colon and prevent constipation, anti-cancer effects

sweet potatoes and green spring. Ingredients: Sweet potato (200 g), sweet potato leaves (20 g) of cooking: 1 sweet potato, peeled and cut into strips, into the pot with the right amount of water to boil, boil and then turn and cook over low heat 8 . minutes .2 sweet potato leaves clean, boil the potatoes whole grain placed juice, simmer for three minutes to remove the soup stall .3 filter, cooler edible efficacy: sweet potato flavor, nutrition rich, and easy to digest, and sweet potatoes contain bioflavonoids unique ingredients, such as anti-cancer substance and longevity, it can effectively inhibit breast cancer and colon cancer.

(internship Editor: Easy Mei Hua)

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