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Body: female stars of the olive oil beauty secret

Medical effects of olive oil has been included in the earlier three centuries before European and American scholars Pharmacopoeia,botanical slimming 100 % natural, popular up to now,botanical slimming 100 % natural, the beauty of thousands of olive oil on DIY methods, each with its own.

First of all, we should be grateful to hear the beauty of the stars of the olive oil beauty secret

Kim Hee: nicknamed "Olive mad" that is close to the Mediterranean to Spain. The best extra virgin olive oil, olive oil body painting just showered scratch wipe the feet, this recipe she has used for seven years

Karena: olive oil plus the amount of sugar,botanical slimming 100 % natural, the body painting need to scrub the place, especially the elbows, heels these rough skin prone place once a week

Ella: eyelashes rubbed with olive oil before going to sleep, and make the lashes become more dense and beautiful .

Sophie Marceau: olive oil, plus a little more sleep in the sun

Jane Fonda:. "I like to use extra virgin olive oil bath, paint wiping the skin, usually Few cosmetic "

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