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Obesity friends you eat slowly
       <-! Hzhend -> after people eat, why would not want to continue to eat one of the reasons is that when the stomach is gradually filled foods stimulate the peripheral autonomic nervous stomach, thus producing impulses through the nerves spread? located below the hypothalamus of the brain satiety center which will be the hub of excitement,botanical slimming official website, which issued a directive, this will stop eating. obesity due eating fast, resulting in peripheral nerve impulses from the stomach to stop eating during this process, they do not eat less food, and therefore its increased food intake, Dayton meal satiety. second reason is that the food from the mouth through the esophagus into the micro, and then gradually into the small intestine, the food is absorbed and digested in the small intestine. When carbohydrate is absorbed, it will cause blood sugar, blood sugar reaches a certain level, will also stimulate the satiety center,botanical slimming official website, issue instructions to stop eating from eating to satiety center elevated blood sugar and then issue a command to stop eating and to stop eating, take some time, and in this period of time, eating fast obese, than the average person eating a lot of food addition, an increase in the number of leads to eating.

Obesity is not just a physical illness, accompanied by psychological and abnormal behavior. eating fast, gorging is an abnormal eating behavior, therefore, to correct the behavior of fast food, is also an effective means of weight loss behavior.

Slow Food is to slow down speed of eating, eating every meal so prolonged. meal in the middle might pause several times to eat every meal time less than 20 minutes, the plant contributed to the stomach nerve endings caused excitement and elevated blood sugar can stop eating process fully implemented, early satiety occurs inevitably reduce the consumption quantity.

In addition, is to eat slowly, chew increase the number of U.S. obese looking watches eat, chew a few times, they To make meal times prior to chew food slowly than not been a significant increase in weight loss. slowly, so that the food can be digested and absorbed quickly, to promote increased blood sugar faster and more easily excited satiety center, appeared earlier satiety and stop eating.

If there is a greater determination to lose weight,botanical slimming official website, lose weight anyway to change the grip chopsticks friends hand, this will certainly slow down the speed of eating, weight loss achieved good results.
< / br> Slow Food Diet is just a measure of weight loss, but also with the kind of things to adjust, as well as regular physical activity, the only way to achieve the purpose of true farewell obesity
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