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Body art Hao enchanting personality

"Glamorous" S-shaped posture make men and women more than N charmed want to imitate? May not be so easy, so you had better pay some wonderful posture movement.

women began to ask: "Chen Hao, how do you maintain a perfect S-shaped figure?" "I heard an actor on the show, often eat well, sleep well this is not very easy to do so your old beauty tips.? ? what is it, "Faced with these questions, Jen Hao unreservedly disclosed his unique secrets:.". campaign, insist on doing exercise to maintain a cheerful and optimistic mood, always self-confident "

Hao claimed to have more than four filming hobby: reading, listening to music, watching a disc and enjoy the food, and determined a profound experience of profound food culture when it comes to eating, she enraptured: "After the feast upon delicious food, weight will naturally skyrocket up. okay, we can exercise weight-loss, but do not take diet approach, because that would be harmful. "if you want to take fasting therapy, but also scientific choice.

< P> As long as I have time, Chen Hao will do three things in the fitness club sports: running, swimming, playing badminton stick jogging on a treadmill 40 minutes; After a short adjustment she will swim in the pool of three round-trip, every time. swim 10-15 minutes; then go play badminton relax Hao Dengyuan eyes, seriously with reporters stressed: "we must first run, then swim, and finally play, this is my kind of" movement Heart Sutra "<. / P>

after exercise, appropriate to do some stretching exercises, the following actions apply to the female body has been relatively soft, just be sure to practice moderation, to avoid injury.

feet as much as possible open heart the upper body tends to side, diagonally hand to the top of the stretch as far as possible the same side. attention heel off the ground is not available, so be.

side of the upper body in the direction of dumping, hands stretched as far as possible towards the toes. around proceed.

kick to the inside of the knee bent and the other leg straight, upper body straight and feet towards the direction already.

running, sweating is conducive to weight loss, but also can promote the skins own "breathing (breathing fresh, hip skinny knees can shrink belly)" and "water supply (how to rid the body of excess water to avoid puffy it?)" to complete beneficial to its metabolism, skin care can play effect while swimming is a very good body sculpting movements, in order to create the perfect figure,meizitang botanical slimming, of course, to strive to become blue in a beautiful little mermaid and as far as playing badminton, you can make the whole body in motion, whether it is vigorously grappling or co-ordinated fight peace ball, you can give a catharsis of pleasure, "Speaking here,meizitang botanical slimming, Hao smiled, revealing its own weight-loss tips: Before running, the last thing you want less of area with plastic wrap (cling film weight loss step is like this) multi-layers wrapped up wrapped up into air tight, then start jogging after the finish you will find: here is the most sweat flow, the effect can imagine, not wrapped too tight, so the blood does not circulate.

Hao recent "red-hot", and more than just looks. Her body was jealous of her Beauty tips of her groupies will naturally be regarded as "elixir" However, there are two points need to be emphasized that:.

first, Hao fitness is not simply physical exercise, as well as "keeping cheerful optimism mood, always self-confident,meizitang botanical slimming, "the spirit of sport, this point seems to be very important, and enlightens people, just a simple body movement without a good mental state, but also reach the purpose.

Second, the simple imitation, even if the original copy, eat twice as hard, not necessarily become better Zhang, Li good ...... because a large part of the human body but also by genetic constraints, not satisfied Improved body what is possible, but fundamentally it is difficult reborn

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