Wonderful Ballet- Practical flat little belly conv

Wonderful Ballet: Practical flat little belly convergence method

Many fitness experts to find forward-thinking forms from other sports can learn to practice abdominal movements. This practice is described in this article from the "Pilates" (Pilates) action selected. "Pula mention "is a way to strengthen the power of ballerina qualities which emphasizes physical and mental exercises to unity.

practitioners should primarily focus on the muscles in action feel, rather than just a few times. following are the six practice practice.

1, "hammock"

capped with a large bath towel mat,Zhen De Shou, sit on. Hold the towel two corners, Douzhu hindbrain. knees, feet flat on the ground. inhale, abdomen pick up the head, neck and shoulders off the ground until Maintain this posture, breathing slowly while kicking one leg straight, heels separated ground. breath, leg retracts knees posture. leg for doing the other side. attention to proper breathing sequence, each time you exhale forced to tighten the abdominal muscles inward.

2, "rotary birds "

supine, knees tuck. put his hands behind his head, abdomen. breath while lifting up the head and shoulders, neck remain natural. inhale legs stretched out, and down into separate scissors. his left leg was 75 degrees with the ground, right leg and the ground was 45 degrees. maintain this position, exhale legs in the air and down the semicircular exchange position. inhale recover his legs, then repeat, switching left and right legs. < / P>

3, supine leg flexion

supine,Slimming Factor, knee tuck session. arms outstretched on the side of the body as a "cross". abdomen, shoulder to keep touchdown. inhale, the knee collapsed to the chest. breath, legs stretched forward at the top, while the head and shoulders lifted,Pai You Guo, try to stretch his right hand in the direction of the leg. inhale, knees, exhale, hard abdomen. for doing the opposite, each side 10 times.

4, the dancers spin circumference

stays starting position for the right hand, right leg bent forward and sat on the ground. leg bent, knees up left hand side of the move. Actions start, legs straight, feet one after the touchdown support, muscle force buttocks off the ground, his left arm held high. abdomen, left twist, Yang left arm into the ground to support. eyes looking up. quite hip exhale , down inspiratory body. prepared to revert to the situation, after repeat on the other side.

5, fingertip rotor body

prone, palm toes touch the ground. gluteal contraction, abdomen, back muscles forced (by the middle of the shoulder blades), to come forward to the chest off the ground, fingers still touch the ground to maintain balance after inhale, stretch the right arm firmly touching the back of the right thigh. head and upper body at the same time turn right . expiratory resume the starting position after the repeat on the other side.

6, scroll rowing

sit up straight, abdomen. legs outstretched, feet wider than shoulder width apart his hands holding a rolled towel in precursors, palms down. collar chest, gluteal muscle contraction. breath, the body slowly back down, but to make it back to relax psoas exhibition, until you can control the maximum angle The residence one second, inhale pull the towel roll to the chest. then exhale, put a towel over his head. breathing restored, and then repeat these exercises should be done 3-5 times a week in order before the two actions is from the warm-up effect, after three action more difficult. Actions required by each doing 10 times (five times on each side), and if start to feel too hard, you can start from 4-6 times in a mirror dance studio to practice the most Ideal

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