Ultra-popular abroad according to eat to lose weig

Ultra-popular abroad according to eat to lose weight too thin is not wrong
summer came, weight loss must be put on the agenda! Absolutely can not let the small fleshy ran Dress, followed by Miss Q beauty of people desperate to lose weight along with it! even then you can not be in violation of three lean principles to lose weight oh! Otherwise not only counterproductive, but also make the body worse!
Slimming three principles: 1, the staple food is not necessary to eat; 2, do not refuse meat; 3, non intake of sweets, alcohol and high sugar fruit collecting
Here is Miss Q to the super-popular weight loss in foreign countries. !. law we all try oh you ~ ~ a salt treatment weight loss: Weight loss is a recent salt treatment abroad fashionable shower first time together with coarse salt rubbed over the body, then massage the skin was red to red so far, and then water. Rinse After the salt massage, then placed the body temperature bath 32 ℃ ~ 38 ℃, about 20 minutes, so that the blood circulation is said that this diet to reduce abdominal fat is particularly effective within .1 months reduce the weight of 2 kg and more doctors believe that salt has a certain permeability. can penetrate the skin,Pai You Ji Capsules Tea, the pores of excess moisture, fat "pumping" out, so the treatment of obesity, hair loss (mainly scalp fat and more), a certain Efficacy In addition, fatigue, lower blood pressure
2 restless diet:. foreign researchers found that restless energy consumption is an important method of effective American Health Institute scientists pointed toes done indoors. to shoot, fingers tapping the desktop, and other neurotic behavior and restless who consume several times more people than the average thermal energy. Currently, this research has gradually been recognized and master. many people, especially the obese one free it kept twisting waist, swinging the body, hands and feet while watching TV also kept tossing his practice has proved that its quite good weight loss diet with the brain
3: Abroad has a physiologist studies indicate that even the simplest mental, are likely to consume a large amount of heat. usual brain energy consumption accounts for about 18% of the total consumption of body heat, mental strength is, the more energy consumption, so take advantage of this rule, the creation of a brain diet. brain is to allow dieters to lose weight more than mindless, such as reading the newspaper, painting embroidery, calligraphy, engaged in the creation, calculus mathematics,Botanical slimming, learning techniques, studying foreign languages, studying science,Green Lean Body, etc. so that the brain nervous every day operation, rather than eat three square meals a day and do no work. brain weight loss in obese people not only beneficial but also slim physique, but also makes the brain more with the spirit, can effectively prevent premature aging brain.
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