Weapon- How to develop a vitamin beauty

Weapon: How to develop a vitamin beauty

Xue is a typical OL, dignified and beautiful, dedicated work every day to stay in the office in front of computer time greatly exceeds the time in front of her boyfriend, eating Well,Dream Body, of course there is no such law a.

"Well there is no way,Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen," Xue said, "competition is so fierce." But women do, because the work can not neglect their health, their beauty. Xue and her fell in love with a group of colleagues to eat a wide variety of vitamin tablets, capsules,7 Days Herbal Slim, what Amway, Centrum tablets, multivitamin formula, VITA 21 gold ......

so, Xue this time still feel physically and mentally exhausted, often feel dry eyes, dry skin, back pain and other conditions, sometimes sleepless night. Xue tense, always aware of the problems of the downtown healthy body, so she quickly went to the hospital, the doctor said Her illness was due to a lack of vitamins and trace elements caused and recommend to her a professional nutritionist.

Xue felt strange, Im not always right vitamin supplements? nutritionist told She, not just rely on a few capsules of vitamin supplements can be resolved, this is a long process, if you do not have a healthy body, you go in vitamin supplements may only be a waste. nutritionist to develop a nutrition Xue menu, trying to "capsule beauty" transformed into a true "V beauty" - Vitamin beauty

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