Candlelight salt bath bubbles out slim beauty

Candlelight salt bath bubbles out slim beauty
[Thin] Englands bubble bath by candlelight - romantic head enjoy in the end bathroom actually was first invented by the English, plumbing, Sheung Shui and methods are first created by launching them out, bathed for England is a grand enjoyment, every detail is not sloppy - from soaps, bath salts, bath to candles, perfumes and essential red roses need to be reminded:? Bubble bath taps required in order to create high-voltage impulse to drop the bubble effect, so make sure you have enough explosive power taps DIY Code: If England bath home enjoyment, the following accessories must be in place: a light fragrant candles; bottle of bubble bath liquid used to make, add some water or some bath salts color, everything must be fantastic; put a small pillow or folded towel on the neck below the layers, so let the tub edge is hurting; a small soft brush, used carelessly scrub fingernails and toenails
Health TIPS:.

manufacture fragrance candles essential, but with no harm famous lavender bath can relieve fatigue of the body itself, if coupled with a bit of fragrance around. icing on the cake. And this is exactly the way the soul of England, where bathing addition to cleansing and relaxation, England want is this atmosphere. attention to detail of England will not forget after bathing is coated with a thick layer of their own The lotion


scented candles, soft brush, manufacture bubble bath liquid, bathroom dedicated small pillows and lotions, etc., are the same not less.

home DIY cost

manufacturing bubble bath is the essence of England, good quality bottle of bubble bath is essential, a bottle of 200 ml of lavender bubble bubble bath takes about 200 yuan; make the romantic atmosphere of candle takes about 50 yuan, can get in the other Lingqibasui 200 yuan