Six local shape model figure

Six local shape model figure
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we all know the models body is great because a lot of people envy magazine supermodel slender waist, calf, six five percent of women are dissatisfied with their body, do this! dieting, weight loss, exercise, desperately abuse their bodies.

Start by standing ambition want to make a small waist 3,4 cm, 1,2 cm ...... then fine leg, especially when some people just thighs fat point, the point of thick legs, waist children fine enough, in fact, not fat. was not seen Barbie sweet smile, they have to build the perfect Barbie doll line ....

< BR> following a "six local body sculpting must know," just do it

first: Female body sculpting part list

(1) Thigh ( 2) Calf circumference (3) arm (4) abdomen (5) hip proposal: It seems from this list, you will find that and his thigh fat, thick legs suffered the same fate of many people, and I feel good point of it

second part: the degree of difficulty of each part of the body sculpting Ranking

(1) abdomen (2) waist (3) hip (4) Thigh (5) Chest (6 ) arm (7) Calf circumference proposal: Prepare standing ambition yet to see the difficulty of ranking shaping their own consumption sculpting project how big there at the end

third?: local causes of obesity

(1) large, leg -. born physique, like sit, do not like walking, like to eat sweets, taste heavy (2) arm - often heavy lifting, local force (3) abdomen -. genus delicious family, and lack of exercise, especially they sat eating habits, beer belly, pregnancy (4) buttocks -. born constitution, workers often time sitting, lack of exercise pregnant proposal: Fortunately, you are young, the body fat percentage is only 17% -24%, over the age of 30, was promoted to 20 percent body fat -27%, with slightly degraded metabolic condition will very abnormal fat oh !

Part IV: I can be slim centimeters

(1) Abdominal:? 3.05 +0.10 cm, (2) Waist: 3.05 +0.09 cm, (3) hip: 2.65 +0.09 cm, (4) Thigh: 2.06 +0.08 cm, (5) Chest: 1.83 +0.09 cm, (6) Arm: 1.28 +0.05 cm, (7) Calf circumference: 1.06 +0.04 cm suggestion: Do not look oh goal can be to go to Mars, even if only a few centimeters thin, which also meets the

Part V:!. whether or meat too much skeleton ?

proposal: Some people may be thick skeleton, but a lifetime to lose weight there; it was clearly not fat, body weight is also always there, whether sculpting or need, see

Part VI: What are the local body sculpting methods

(1) will be followed by lean body weight loss, (2) massage, (3) the local body sculpting movements, (4? ), liposuction, and (5) to weight-loss centers with aids proposals: all hospitals weight loss program will suggest you size down for natural fate, as still partial body sculpting, we must remember that a healthy body sculpting, do not use silly antecedents . unknown slimming tea, creams wonderful

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