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House women how to develop easy to lean body weight loss exercises at home to help you

women now have a lot of people like to stay home, do not like to go out and do sports. So there indoorswoman the hot words appeared on the network., but ultimately if the house with the words,botanical knits 2, let the body take shape more powerful,botanical knits 2, so go on, but does not work, then there is no suitable house women who do home exercises to lose weight? here for you to get together some simple home exercises to lose weight women, is staying at home can be easy to develop a lean physique, rescue body You obese.

1, gondola swing body

legs open stand, stride slightly larger than shoulder width, and about half a meter away from the window phase, do not bend the knee, pelvis Li together, arms straight, press the cloth at the window, elbows do not bend, while the upper body from side to side while washing windows, fully stretched scapula.

2, clean the room when stretched about < / p>

wipe the floor, legs and knees,botanical knits 2, upper body bent and parallel to the floor, hands on the ground stays straight,botanical knits 2, stretching back muscles forward while wiping the floor with his right hand, while up Lift the left leg, Bengzhi stretching the right leg and the ground will remain around 90 degrees flexion postures each doing 10 seconds Articles from -..