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Two wrong mindset to lose weight

"The most handsome man confident, assertive women are the most beautiful." Everyone knows these words, but we always feel that losing weight is to become more attractive to others, so long as the determination to lose weight, there must be effect.

But the researchers did warn, no matter what method is used, two people do not lose weight. researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine for the 177 weight slightly fatter subjects research, experiment taking diet control group, the control group using two courses of both diet and exercise to lose weight method. showed minus 2-7 kg in the experimental group, the success rate was 26% in the control group was 49%. on psychological assessment words, for their own satisfaction the success rate is 55% weight loss, weight loss on their satisfaction with the success rate was 26%. on weight loss experience, once the dieters weight loss success rate was 35%, never lose weight weight loss success rate was 63 % The results of the study published in the journal "Behavioral Medicine in Chi".

researchers noted that there are two kinds of people should pay special attention. first one is the kind of people do not like themselves. Such people Obesity is caused by psychological bias,botanical keratin treatment reviews, so these people are not necessarily very fat, but always over ideal weight limit. did not change their mood before, losing weight becomes very difficult. second person is often the kind of people who lose weight. often lose weight people are often in a vicious cycle: start a successful weight loss becomes relatively light, and then revert to the standard weight range, and finally the ideal body weight is over the upper limit of the weight, and then expand a persons weight loss program which repeatedly covered,botanical keratin treatment reviews, weight loss becomes. very difficult

want to lose weight, it is good to love yourself, while respecting "eat less and exercise more" diet tips, you will be more slender tomorrow

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