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Diet: Diet spring uncovered five stumbling block

Spring is a good day for people to lose weight, although many people are dieting to lose weight is the preferred method, but often had little effect. What is blocking our fat loss program, let us eleven them "pulling "Come out

One problem: eat" oil "too

someone said:" I do not eat fat, eat vegetable oil avoid obesity. "This is essentially a misunderstanding, melon seeds, peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, etc. These foods ingredients almost half fat. someone eat these snacks also eat a lot of fat is equal to Some vegetarian restaurant, cooking oil is growing, but also to look good while cooking pan of oil spilled out, a variety of factors, "boiled fish", "Sirloin", "spicy crab" essentially " cooking oil, "the oil could not eat excessive.

fat is to lose weight taboo, and in order to prevent weight gain, would be less intake of foods high in fat content. eliminate fatty foods,botanical knits twelve designs inspired by trees and foliage, says White that eat the oil, the oil used medical term called "fat", vegetable and animal oils are fats, vegetable oils are pure fat, fat is the main component of fat, fat is also present in meat, offal, eggs, milk, soy products, and even food in some vegetables (such as: edamame) have a certain amount of fat

Question two: Eat carbs

previous low standards of living When non-staple food is poor, most people eat every meal staple forty-two catty is very common, now living standards improved, non-staple food good, the staple food also eat forty-two excess of half a catty. someone eating too much fruit, especially eating high sugar fruits (bananas, persimmons, grapes, lychee), also increased carbohydrate intake.

by intestinal digestion of carbohydrates become monosaccharides (glucose, fructose, galactose) after being absorbed into the bloodstream, the direct use of part of the organization needed to produce energy for the body part stored in the cell, if there is excess monosaccharides, will become fat stored in the body. carbohydrate-containing foods are grain, beans class, milk, fruits, nuts, vegetables

Question three: Excessive protein

protein is also an energy-producing substances, if you eat more, energy intake exceeds the bodys requirements, or stored fat. protein-containing foods, mostly meat, eggs, milk, soy category, grain, vegetables and fruits are also a small number of proteins. abundant protein food (meat, eggs, milk, soybeans) are high in fat, eat more of these foods to eat as much fat also.

renal excretion of metabolites from protein, eat more protein will increase the burden on the kidneys, kidney metabolite excretion over the cause "azotemia" harmful

Question four: snacks + dessert

Some people like to eat snacks, drink sweet drinks, especially the feeling will eat more snacks life boring or watching TV. snack carbohydrate, protein, fat, almost every ingredient.

eat snacks equal energy, the energy is still very high and some snacks, such as nuts, oily foods, bananas, pistachios,botanical knits twelve designs inspired by trees and foliage, cashew nuts, potato chips, puffed starchy food, candy, nuts, dried fruit,botanical knits twelve designs inspired by trees and foliage, sweet beverage sugary, beef jerky, fish containing more protein, energy consumption can not be produced, it will be stored as fat

Five questions: drinking too much

wine is to produce high-calorie drinks, 1 gram of alcohol can produce 7 kilocalories of heat generated after the fat.

beer alcohol content while only 3% or so, but there are 11% of the sugar degree, but a much larger amount of beer, a bottle of beer, the heat generated by the heat equivalent of 100 grams of grain produced, much drink is equivalent to eating a lot of food,botanical knits twelve designs inspired by trees and foliage, excess energy will be stored as fat together

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