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Seriously do these four steps, you can successfully lose weight

you probably have heard thousands of times,botanical slimming bad reviews, to lose weight should eat less, hyperactivity, and perseverance, the reason we all know, the problem is difficult to put into practice if the weight loss is not allowed to eat delicious things, eat some bland food and inconvenient to do it, then do some tired of lying to myself aerobic exercise, no wonder you hesitate.

If you really want to lose weight, you must identify the one can lose weight with your life.

an understanding of their weight loss disorders

"Obesity is an act, "nutritionist Zhao Si Zi think.

Everyone has their own weight loss plan destroy obstacles such as when overtime is always late, home and family chat, late night habits, unknowingly let obesity upper body.

perhaps not used to drink does not taste the drink, as long as a thirst, went to a convenience store to buy drinks, cold drinks require higher will feel the sweetness of sugar,botanical slimming bad reviews, one summer at least make people re- .. two kilograms

about their weight loss obstacles must be put into action, to change

two, to prepare for the change

wrote: Less Advantages and disadvantages of weight, and write how to join the movement at the time of the original itinerary, and how to change their eating habits, by the method of writing, thinking to resolve obstacles.

weight loss must be physically and mentally ready (ready good).

three, set goals

change is actually very expensive effort, do not give yourself too much pressure,botanical slimming bad reviews, but do not give yourself unrealistic goals (eg supermodels childs photograph). tried one week only halved kg to one kg, slow and steady to slim down, it will not go back fat quickly and violently.

experts suggest that the target considered as a process target ( a healthy diet and exercise), rather than the result (minus 10 kg). goal of this process is the best practical, clear and can be measured, such as at least three days a week, after walking 30 minutes to work. < / P>

Fourth, develop strategies

embrace the vision is very good, but not too ambitious, set too strict, this will only make you have reason to be lazy, the next step is to give up.

such as diet plan, the best there is sufficient fruits and vegetables and your favorite food,botanical slimming bad reviews, and once again think about it, or what the situation will become your obstacles, and how would you want to exclude.

exercise programs still have to think about how to arrange the movement of time, such groups need to restrict your personality, so better to go directly to the registration gym; .. Or take the bus or get off early, then brisk walking home more feasible

Some people use weight loss diary, day by day, write down what you eat, and what to do sports, what changes in body weight, to motivate yourself step by step to success.

even if the plan is much more careful, You may still encounter setbacks, and its completely abandoned, it is better to maintain the current results, at least no longer fat, such as mood reply before departure.